Welcome to Zeepabyte Cascade Technology and Big Data Analytics blog!

Please meet Zeepabyte, a young Silicon Valley startup in the Big Data Analytics domain. The mission of Zeepabyte is to improve the data ecology and the world ecology.

Well, forget the Global Warming, but how about that local warming that hundreds or thousands of computers inevitably create in your data lab? You can battle it with expensive fans and ACs and desperately watch your hardware and energy bills grow. Or you can use Zeepabyte’s Cascade Analytics System to solve your data analysis problems in the most efficient manner. You will need less hardware than with other systems and you will be able to achieve much better performance.

Did you know that Zeepabyte’s Cascade has by far the lowest cost of performance in the industry? This means you can get answers to your questions faster and cheaper than competitors.

What does Cascade do, and how is it able to achieve revolutionary improvements in cost of performance in analytic tasks? Revisit this blog often to get a better idea of the technology breakthrough that Zeepabyte is bringing to the Big Data world.

Author: Alex Russakovsky

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